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    Thumbs up Flash night

    I`ve been doing a lot of arvo`s sitting on a sambar wallow at a range of 140 yards or so and a few weeks ago saw a handy stag come out of the tea-tree and stand for five listening to the world,that was right on dark and too dark for a pic of any sort.

    I had a mate come in with me one evening to have a crack at him but he didn't show at all and tonight was the next time since I first saw him.

    Anyway this evening after a couple of weeks of Jack ***** I saw him or I reckon its him appear approx 6.05PM out of the tea-tree and stroll down the hill towards me stopping a couple of times and I had the Zeiss on him too,I had quickly wound it up to 10x and in the ordinary light it was tough to see him for what he was carrying on his head. I thought he might have been low 20`s or so,anyway I lost him in the cover then saw him come out at around approx 6.15 and cross a clearing and head straight to the wallow...Yeehaa! I just happen to have a cam on that wallow and thought " this is gonna be big!"

    Well he stood for a minute and there was no flash..."faaaaark whats wrong with the faaaarking thing,it should have fired by now" This is after I discovered that my cam had been on the wallow for a week and I hadn't turned the bluudy thing on so the thought of more bad luck happening was on the cards.

    Then as he dropped into the wallow 'bang' the cam GOT HIM! Then three more flashes illuminated him right up as I was watching through my Swaro`s,he actually looked a better stag haha and until I see the pics I wont know for sure whether I should have pulled on him when I first saw him. The last flash was when he stood away from the wallow and I reckon I only got his arse.The flash lit him alright and I did get a glimpse of what I thought was more length,though it was tough with the speed of the illumination and the chunks of mud looking like knobs on his top tines,anyway it was a good experience and made waiting in the rain all these times worth it I thought.

    Hopefully I will get a decent pic or two to post.

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    Looking forward to the pics!

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    Me too! Have thought about going in around lunch time today to swap the card over so as to leave as little scent around for this evening`s sit and wait session,I reckon I will.

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    Interesting to hear they don't seem to react to the flash. Is this always the case?

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    We're all sitting here with baited breath waiting for the pics......please put us out of our misery

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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