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Thread: hi from aberdeenshire

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    hi from aberdeenshire

    Hi folks thought i had better introduce myself as i have been registered for a while .I live in aberdeenshire north of aberdeen and I have recently got my guns after a ten year break from shooting due to changes in my circumstances.I had my shotgun and fac for about 5 years and like i say stoped shooting due to circumstance .A lot has changed in that time from licensing to getting permission but im getting there .i have a wee farm were i can go but am looking for a nice bit of land for my stalking [roe deer ] were i live .I have done my dsc level 1 and hoping to embark on my level 2 .I have had 2 bucks this season off my farm and truth be told thats about all i could safely take il maybe get a couple of does later on .I got the stalking bug back when i went on holiday last year and went wild boar stalking and got a meat hog [apparantly its what the yanks call a small non trophy hog -though i am prepared to be corrected on that as i dont really recall what the guide said it meant ] So any way thats a wee bit about me and hopefully i will be able to get some advice and experience from you lot on here .

    happy hunting
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