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Thread: What do I need?

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    What do I need?

    Next month I am going on holiday to visit friends in Texas.

    I am thinking of taking the opportunity to buy some reloading equipment whilst I am over there.

    Now the problem is, I do not know anything at all about reloading, so therefore do not know what I will need, so would appreciate some pointers on suitable equipment I should look for to get started .

    Funny thing is I bought a set of reloading gear for someone else last time I was over there but do not know what I bought, I just handed a list of product numbers to one of the guys in Cabelas.


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    Hi Mudman,
    If I were starting out reloading with nothing I would go for this kit from Redding
    you can get it from other sources most of the mail order companies will deliver to your
    hotel if you give them enough time, the only thing you need to add to the kit is a set of dies and a shell holder there is a more basic kit as well,
    just add dies and shell holder and you are good to go, read the book before you start!
    You can get cheaper tools but Redding will last a couple of life times, I have a RCBS Rockchucker that I bought in 1970 that will still be going long after I am and I think the Redding Big Boss is a better press I also have a Lyman Crusher 11 that is not a patch on the Redding either when finances allow I will be getting a Redding T7,
    You also need to get a good Dial Caliper and a bullet puller,
    And find someone with experiance in handloading to help get you going, I learnt on my own and it took a long time, read all you can on the subject you never stop learning about loading ammo or guns.

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    You wont go far wrong with the redding big boss kit, That is the kit I have and I cant fault it.


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