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Thread: Any ideas what these are?

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    Any ideas what these are?

    Hi all I just got given these two, and although they are a bit out of the ordinary I thought someone on here might have some ideas as to age and value if any. They have been wall hangers from what I know, although haven't been messed with to make safe. I don't think it's required on muzzle loaders anyhow.
    This one is a Percussion cap action. It is inscribed "Richards" on the side plate and "London" on the top of the barrel. The barrel starts with eight flats the sixteen.

    This one is a flintlock and judging by the lack of decoration I guess is military. The only marking is the number 404 on the stock.


    Any ideas ladies and gentlemen?
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    Sorry not a clue. But they are lovely.

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    Hi mate,
    I'm a collector not quite my thing but don't go and sell them for fifty quid to someone will you.
    Looks like two rather nice muzzel loading shotguns to me.
    will try to get some more info for you.

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    The lower gun, the flinter, might be a trade gun meant for the African trade. Many were made in smooth bore and were cataloged by a number such as that... or that's what I read. I wish I could remember the place. What strikes me is that they had an old catalog with 4 and 8 bore guns and the model number was a three digit number. Your gun struck me as one of those. I think the guns I read about were from Belgium.~Muir

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    One of the lager firms of gun auctioneers regularly advertise that they hold free valuation days around the country. I'll see if I can find out which firm it is, but I think it could have been either Holts or Bonhams.

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    You might get a bit of help if you e mailed some pics to Bill Harriman at B.A.S.C., he's the guy you see on the antiques roadshow doing militaria & firearms.
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    Richards of London eventually became W Richards of Liverpool. They ceased trading but the rights were bought up by a guy who also bought the rights to William Powell of Liverpool. Maybe this link will help.

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    what a gift! very, very, VERY nice!!!!

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    The numbers stamped in the stock may indicate that the gun was pressed into service with the Home Guard in WWII. Remember, we were tragically short of firearms with which to defend our islands and anything with a barrel was requisitioned or donated.
    I'm sure I read that the first firearms to be issued to the Norwich Home Guard were a dozen muskets removed from Norwich castle's armoury.
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