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Thread: Educational trailer.

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    Educational trailer.

    I have been aproached by a body who have seen my films to come up with an idea for a trailer on their DVD.
    Not to give to much away I have 100's of deer hitting the deck or not on film.
    I thought about (and have done a small trailer) doing a short film showing typical and non- typical reactions of deer to shots. (good and bad)(as its educational).
    My worry is how will it be recieved by the likes of you(hunters) and the anti's.
    If people can SEE deer getting shot and learn from the beasts reaction than this should only be good.(surely)??.
    I have on many occasions been hit on by people who think my films show "bad practice" or will argue the toss as to where the deer was hit,(remember I gralloched the bloody thing)(and the camera can lie).
    So wheather I publish this or submit it to go onto this DVD is in your hands.
    And all who have pulled at me before I want your input also.
    (this vid is not for self gratification but WILL be educational showing the good and of course the bad)(we all make a bad shot now and again, or you aint shooting at many deer).
    For new stalkers having a guide to shots and reactions must be good???

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    have you any clips we can see?
    links ect

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    This seems like a good idea, education has to be good doesn't it? However I think you are right to look at all the potential downside before committing yourself; you won't be able to "undo" it. I am sure the good folk on here will help you decide. Best of luck.

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    Just do it.
    The anti's can find plenty of bad shooting on Youtube and what they can't find they'll make up

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    Anything that is educational in the way a deer reacts when shot can only be a good thing surely. It is also important to see what happens when something doesn't go the 'text book' way.

    I got a dvd off ebay, which is along the same lines but it is from america. I think the bloke on it is called 'Mr Whitetail' John Wiseman/Viseman?

    I had that horrible gut feeling only last month on a roe, last light, good sound came back but he ran like hell towards the wood. Eventually found him after giving him a while to lie up. All the same it's a horrible feeling thinking you might have a 'runner'.

    Go for it mate.


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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post

    we all make a bad shot now and again, or you aint shooting at many deer).
    Used that one a few times...

    The essence of our sport is to ensure any animals shot are done so with the knowledge we have done our best to ensure a clean kill. That's our bit. No control at times over some of the other factors though.

    I would be amazed if you get a clear bias one way or the other to this question. I personally think that in principal it would be a good thing to be able to refer to actual footage of a reaction to say a gut shot and the way a beast will behave to that. I also however think your concerns are justified.

    If the concerns are proven to be correct, will it make a difference in the big scheme of things relating to the anti's efforts in having field sports banned? Of course it won't. They already lie and manipulate in their efforts to achieve their goals. If they wanted to they could use untold hours and hours of footage in the public domain and edit it in such a way as to show what they want it to show.

    Utube is full of arseholes doing stupid things re shooting. Including their mistakes that were a foregone conclusion before the trigger was even pulled.

    Personally, I say go for it.

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    This sounds like an excellent idea to me. For educational purposes, for example on DSC1 courses etc, it would be of great benefit to show the reactions of deer to various types of shot. It would show what reactions you could typically expect to get and those which you would not expect. It would be useful to show that deer do not always react in a textbook manner when shot. Where possible it would be useful to also show the strike site so that people can see what to expect re. blood, blood colour, hair etc. from different shots such as heart or lung shots.
    As you say not every shot goes right, and by showing people what to look for regarding the deers reaction can only be a good thing.

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    There is alredy DVDs on the market that do this job from the US of A but it would do no harm to do the same with british deer and a brit presenter.


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    I think the government and bodies already know deer will be wounded and footage of actual good and bad shots and a deers reaction and non typical reaction isn't going to be turned against us, is it??
    We all know wounding is a fact of stalking and more and more novice shooters coming into the sport can only learn and it would hopefully shorten the "shock effect" from something going wrong if they have see it before(on film).

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