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Thread: not sure what to do

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    not sure what to do

    hello can any one help? just landed a nice bit of stalking on 6500 acers of land and wont to sell some accompened stalking but just not sure the best way to go about it. do i try and get in with a sporting agent or do i just take out adverts in the shooting press, any help would be gratefuly recived as this is my first go at this

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    pay admin a small fee advertise on here as you just have and i am sure you will get more than you could ever imagine..

    oh by the way i may be one of em ha ha

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    Hi Gerald,

    This is as good a place as any to advertise - pretty much a captive market for UK stalkers. Sort out your professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, talk to JayB and bung up an advert as a trader.

    If you want to reach a more exotic international clientele directly, an advert on the Hunts Offered section of the Accurate Reloading forum might also be worth a try, as might the new Yes We Hunt european forum.

    I have a mate who runs a sporting agency here in the UK - he's a decent honest guy (an unusual trait in sporting agents ) with great contacts. I'll PM you his details for you to use or discard as you wish.

    Lastly, the Herefordshire / Shropshire / Worcestershire 'chapter' of the Stalking Directory meets up intermittently at the pub - as you're local, you'd be welcome to join us, as I'm sure some of the guys would be interested in the stalking and no doubt everyone else will have lots of advice, support etc for your venture.



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    sorry not ment to sound as a ad just after advise off the people in the know. will take your advise and will pay admin a small fee and advertise on here when got everything set up thanks

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    Make sure you have your own insurance in place.

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    What have you got, just fallow or are there roe and munties as well? I'm assuming that it is fairly local to Bucknell. I'd be interested in anything along the border when you get sorted.

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