View Poll Results: Should the trailer /film show bad shots.(it has to do to be educational)

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  • YES, Should show all aspects of stalking good and bad.

    63 90.00%
  • NO. It shouldn't be published or show any bad shooting.

    7 10.00%
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Thread: Educational trailer.

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    Educational trailer.

    following on from my thread please cast a vote.

    YES the video will be good educational good and bad shots.

    NO the video should show no bad shots or be published.

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    i voted yes as also new to this and would like to see good and bad to hopefully learn from them in the future all the best,wayne

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    Keep em coming.
    can I ask why the NO votes if you will reveal your i.d.'s??

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    Keep em coming.
    can I ask why the NO votes if you will reveal your i.d.'s??
    Click the the number of votes and the names are shown


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    Many thanks.
    tell me why they are against an educational video showing bad shots.
    P.m. me if you like

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    I voted No for a simple reason
    If you are going to do a compilation for education then good shots and good practice should be the main issuse,
    but by all means do a follow up DVD of bad shots and bad practice which could be used in conjunction with this
    as some times I find mixed DVD's are often hard to take in the full context of what they are meant to acheive

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    Im new to stalking ( havent been yet ) so yes show bad shots and explain why every one should practice every chance they get. But you could has stone points out do two vids good and bad.


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    Could I make a suggestion that you do a split screen with good shot on top and bad shot on the bottom (or side by side) with a single watermark that extends across both images. I know that it would be difficult marrying up the sequences - perhaps use the timing of the shot? The viewer may have to rewind and watch it a few times to take in the information from each on screen element but if the DVD is compiled so each shot is a separate chapter it would only be a single click to go back to the start of each shot (and make using it as a training video easier).

    I will abstain from voting as my concern is that the 'bad shots' would be used by others for their own propaganda purposes, and do more damage than good to the sport, unless a way is found to stop this. (That would be my 'No' vote). You could always put a hugely ridiculous fee clause, for reproducing any of the DVD content for anti shooting purposes, in the initial DVD licensing screen.... Any lawyers out there that could advise?

    Apart from that the content would be fantastic for recreational stalkers like me, and I'd love to see the end result (That would be my 'yes' vote)

    Last edited by mel; 27-08-2010 at 20:31. Reason: Tried to clear up the 'side by side' image idea.

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    Havent voted cause I'm not to sure the choices are great. If one was make it with only good shots then my vote would be yes. But it would have to be a no for them both combined. My reason would be that to show the bad to those with a genuine interest in stalking is one thing and they would in most cases like to see something like that. But in that sense we are preaching to those already converted. The use the antis would put something like that to would just make our lives harder to justify wihout some bloody mob or other saying that we need more courses etc etc or even worse limiting the or reducing the amount of people who can stalk. Maybe I'm a bit of a doom merchant but nothing has happened in the recent past to make stalking easier to get into. The more ammo with give our opponents the harder it will be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    Many thanks.
    tell me why they are against an educational video showing bad shots.
    P.m. me if you like
    Thanks for nameing naming me!! dont think you realy worried what i think, you could of pm'd me and asked

    As for why, I think you should be showing a compilation of good clean shots and maybe a few shots that have gone wrong, not just a DVD of all bad shots.
    If you are trying to Educate new comers to the sport i dont think they need to be watching a DVD of what can go wrong, trouble is we have all forgot what its like to shoot your first deer and how much pressure is on us at that time, and the more we shoot the more that first shot is forgotten.


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