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Thread: Synthetic Stock

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    Synthetic Stock


    Would any of you guys have a synthetic stock for a sako 75 111 hunter in 243 or any advice on which brand to consider based on experience and while you are it, I would also be gratefull for advice on moderators.



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    Give Mike Norris a call. I think he may have a s/h sako synthetic in stock. 07971169829

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    Is that just a stock or a full rifle?


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    I will be selling mine as soon as i can find a replacement

    ATB Steve

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    Danny, I have an original Sako synthetic stock for a 75 III (sporter weight barrel), it came of a .308 win so will be suitable for a .243 win. It is in used condition with a couple of scratches. You can have it for 65 inc postage if its any use to you. JC

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    i can get you a mcmillan for about 650
    or i think there is a robertson in the uk which would be a bit cheaper


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    There is an advert in Sporting Gun, a bloke selling 2 75 stocks, one laminate one walnut.

    PM me if you want the number

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    any chance of a couple of photos very interested


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    Quote Originally Posted by sleekitfox View Post
    Good link, loads of stuff for sale on there. JC

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