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Thread: How much can one guy have...... ?

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    How much can one guy have...... ?

    I caught up stalker that shoots locally when he dropped in down the pub and we had a crack about the usual man stuff. This is what he has to shoot with......

    .22 semi auto all round small vermin
    .22 target rifle for club use
    .222 + mod - munties, cwd
    22-250 + mod - rabbits and fox
    .243 +mod - roe deer and fox England and Scotland
    7mm 08 no mod - big stuff in England and Scotland
    .308 + mod - woodland stalking and closer high seat work
    .338 thing to go abroad with is in the pipeline.

    He tells me that he has no problems with his FLO because his rifles are set up differently like the 7mm has a big variable for longer range shooting where as the .308 has a low mag variable zeroed at 50 meters for woodland work. He also tells me that the .222 fires 55gr where as the .22-250 sends out really fast 40gr vmax for maximum effect so the local FLO is happy for him to have what he has because everything has a 'good reason'. He also has quite large ammo allowances because he does range shooting and reloads his hunting ammo as well.

    It seems like if he wants something there will be a magic good reason!!! And the rest of us have hassle.

    ps open ticket appart from the target rifle
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    My mate has at this moment, on ticket, 12 rifles & three empty slots.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Paul at Barony.

    That isn't the record for D & G.

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    Pretty damn good for Merseyside!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I can match it, but not beat it .

    14 on ticket, with one slot spare. Everything from a couple of .22rfs up to 300WSM etc. Thats with GMP. Never had a problem with them in over 20yrs. Good people to deal with, and very sensible

    I have known some struggle with GMP, but they are usually either pushing their luck on a 1st application, or asking for things that would be ridiculous

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    Nothing wrong with what he has for rifles if he has a use for them.
    I have these on my fac at the moment all for hunting and on a open ticket.
    If i had more cash i might add some more again as i have sold a couple of my rifles that were also on my Fac Guns are like cash you can never have to much or to many!!

    1.22 semi auto rifle
    1 .22 bolt action rifle
    1 22 centerfire rifle (a Hornet at the moment)
    1 .308 rifle
    1 303 rifle
    1 357/38 rifle
    1.444 rifle
    1 12bore semi auto 5 shot with slugs
    1 fullbore mod
    2 rimfire mods

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    I know a few guys who have 10 plus on ticket. I know one guy who has three 9.3's and a 416rigby, plus a the whole range of CF 22's and deer cals.

    I know a couple of guys here in NI who have 3 or 4 cf pistols plus target rifles, hunting rifles etc.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Beware the man with one gun - he knows how to use it

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    There is no maximum number in the law so if you have good reason there is really no limit. However the Police do not see it that way believe me. Funny thing I have been moving my stuff around this afternoon so I have the ones with permission to use and shoot in on cupboard and the others in the cabinets and I have more to play with that at first it seems on the ticket. for stalking I have the choice of he following:-

    25-06 P-H 1200C
    308 P-H 1100Lwt
    6mm Rem P-H 1200V
    7x57 BSA CF2
    270 Win BSA Majestic Featherweight deluxe
    222 Rem BSA Regent
    6.5x55 Swedish Mauser
    270 win which will be a 2nd BSA majestic Featherweight.

    .22 R/F BSA Supersport Five with Moderator for vermin

    And the Wildcat predator P8 for when I need it. At the moment it fits up to the 6.5mm but I will acquire a new baffle so I can use it up to .308 should I so wish to do so.

    For target use I have a .22 L/R BSA 12/15 Martini with Bull Barrel and a Sportco M44 in 7.62x51 both the P-H aperture target sights. Plus for classic/vintage comps I have a BSA Sportsman Five with P-H 16 sportarget aperture rear sight and barlycorn fore sight. and for .22R/F BR a later BSA Supersport five with Simmons 6-18x40AO Competition air gun scope fitted. For a bit of relaxation there is a .36 cap'N'Ball 1851 Navy rep. For some classic target shooting I have a .303 BSA model E with Redfield aperture rear sight and Watson fore sight and I have just swapped round so I can play with and develop cast bullet and paper patched loads in my Husqvarna Model 46 ( 1935 vintage) 9.3x57mm.

    Sadly there are those I would wish to be able to use but they local Police say that they can be held for collection only such as the the .256" Rigby Mannlicher .

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    I only have

    .22 b/a


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