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Thread: Browning ccs525 express

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    Browning ccs525 express

    Does anyone have one of these rifles with an aimpoint scope.i cannot find mounts to fit.

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    I think that companies like EAW, Recknagel , Mak-Kilic , ...should have what you need. Will not be cheap, but excellent quality.

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    You shouldn't really have any difficulty obtaining such mounts, but the problem is that few express rifles are sold in this country so dealers don't normally stock mounts for such rifles. The rifles are very popular in Europe and mounts are available in virtually every gunshop in France, Belgium and Germany just about off the shelf. But there again in Europe there are trained gunsmiths in most shops. The companies that Hales mention all produce suitable mounts simply do a google search and then look up their agents in this country.
    Other places to try are J Roberts and Son, gunmakers of London who tend to specialise in express rifles, and also try Wilson & Wilson of Ramsgate who have sold quite a few of these rifles in the past and offer scope packages along with the rifle.

    Welcome to the world of express rifles I am sure that this will just be the start of your frustrations, wait till you try to load for convergence of barrels, then the fun starts.
    Incidentally what calibre is the rifle in, 9.3x74r or the pussy 8x57jrs ???

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    Thanks for your help i will follow them up next week.I do have the pussy version as i thought i would use it for woodland fallow and sika in the rut and an odd roe in the winter for a change .I also have it on my ticket for foxing,which may be fun but i will need a 42mm scpoe as well.Back to the original question,i have with the help of the sportsman been searching for these mounts for 6 months and just this week recknagel have come back scratching there heads.I am fixed on the aimpoint idea but may now have to consider a 1-3 x 24 type scope as time is running out,unless i can get a weaver type rail fitted to the barrels.

    REGUARDS 8740

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    What model of Aimpoint are you intending to mount? I though that most Aimpoints had 30mm tubes ! I am sure Recknagel make a mount to fit that swings off and is a weaver or picitinny rail but when I enquired it was horrendously expensive.

    Good choice 8x57jrs. I bought mine with the same train of thought as yourself.
    When you say time is running out is that because you have booked some shooting?

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    The aim point is a comp 3 with 30mm tube,one ring fix.The browning has a 2 point fix,the rear being a short 11mm weaver,whereas the aimpoint wide mount is 22mm.Trying to get it sorted to go to poland later in the year.Attachment 2528

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    Speak to the guys at red- deer. Co. Uk as they do all the bits and pieces from EAW and recknagel and where very helpful when I spoke with them. I have a 6x42 in a claw mount on my combination gun. It is mounted a bit too high for my liking. If I was starting from scratch I would look at a 1-4 x 24 straight tube tube scope, or a 1.5 -6 x 42 in a swing off mount as they can mount much lower. It is a gunsmithing job as the bases do require soldering on etc. With a swing mount cost of adding a 2nd scope is lower than with a claw mount as the claws don't need fitting. In terms of cost, most is the time for gunsmithing and I have been quoted about 500 to change claw mount to swing mount to put a lower mounted scope on.

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    That seems like a lot of money to me for a mount system. The problem is the single mount required with the pro 3, which is really more suited to mounting on a picatinny or weaver rail. EAW (Apel) and Recknagel both make a swing off rail that uses the existing mounts if memory serves me right but once again the price is high and it raises the scope quite high up. It might be cheaper and easier to mount a conventional scope? Or how about asking Pete at Rosedale Precision as he is based in Germany and will be more familiar with such problems, he's on this site often.

    Just a thought but have you tried asking advise on some of the European websites such as Sanglier net ? Mounting such a scope on an express rifle is fairly common in France. Language may be a problem but use an electronic translator, that's what I do plus a bit of replacing words with technical terms and phrases that I know.

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