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Thread: Anyone use a binocular harness ?

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    Anyone use a binocular harness ?

    As title if so which one are they any good etc

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    I use one, I bought it from Tony at Corbieton enterprises a few years ago. My binoculars are a big pair of bushnells and the strap was thin and uncomfortable so i gave a hharness a try. They do hold them nicely against your chest and help from letting them drag on the deck when crawling.
    It is a pain if you want to slip your coat off with them on though. I have borrowed binoculars with a nice wide strap and they were comfortable enough without a harness.


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    I use mine all the time i got it on here a year ago it is one of the best bits of kit i have i got mine after jumping over a wall and got a burst lip from the bins hitting me in the face

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    I use one I got from Sportsman. They are spot on. Dont let them hang too low tho otherwise you are in worse danger than a split lip!! : )

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    I bought a set at the Galloway Game Fair last week and have only been out walking with them attached to my ELs. I found them comfortable and my Binos didnt move about that much although they seem to sit very low down, maybe need to adjust. I purchased the ones manufactured by Opticron which I purchased from Lamberts (Lancaster) Ltd, which were out of stock at the show but delivered to me on Wed for a total cost of 15. I would rate them as Okay but still to use in the field.


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    Great kit, i use mine all the time, really comfortable and agree dont wear them low.

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    I got mine from Bushwear, great for when you are crawling.

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    Bushwears for on. Set em up high and you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

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    Many thanks will order a set

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    I bought a pair of Zeiss RF's and the wife split my lip

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