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    How widespread are muntjac at present how far north and south have they gone , with or without ifor and williams ?

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    By natural range expansion (well expansion from south Lincs at least) they have reached the south bank of the Humber.

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    A document from wildlife monitor and recorders in NE England on another thread would suggest that they are fairly well established in Durham and around Tyneside and are as far North as Ponteland.

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    I have seen with my own eyes Muntjac at Sedgefield and Wynyard in Co Durham. Dont know if they are any further North , hope so as I would love them around Durham...

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    yes but they did get a lift from norfolk!!!

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    I know some got a lift to Scotland

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    They have arrived here. Not in great numbers but they have arrived.

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    I stalk in North Yorkshire and I am yet to see one up here but I am told by a very reliable stalker that they have been seen just south of the A66 to the north of us. It is thought they are coming down from a population established by Ifor Williams (as some one else put it) on the Northern edge of the Yorkshire moors and the Durham area.

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    well i stalk and lamp all over the north east from durham to the borders probably 3 to 4 times a week and ive never seen or heard of any up here. so if they are here they are in so small numbers i'd leave them any way.

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