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Thread: Parker Hale Safari .243

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    Parker Hale Safari .243

    I am advertising this on behalf of my father. As titled above Parker Hale Safari .243 in used condition. Threaded for mod 1/2" UNF. Whitetail classic 3-9x50 scope with flip up cover.
    Would be a good starter rifle for someone.

    Looking for 100.

    Usual FAC rules apply.

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    Bloody hell, you're not going to have that long. Good on you (and your father) for selling a rifle at a sensible price, that will do someone starting out a big favour. JC

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    That's giving it away I bet it will go before the end of today

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    Its done a grand service to my dad so hopefully someone on a tight budget can get up and going in the sport. The scope alone must be worth 100.

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    Darm First time for ages I dont stick my nose in at lunchtime....

    PM sent on the off chance rabbitmaster hasnt snapped your hand off at the shoulder

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    Rifle now sold pending usual.

    Thanks for all the interest.


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