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Thread: seeking fallow stalking

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    seeking fallow stalking

    hi does any member know of any fallow stalking in scotland available

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    Shooting and stalking on Atholl Estates Blair Atholl near Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland There are growing numbers of fallow around here. I saw two bucks the other day within yards of the old A9 at Ballinluig which is within a couple of miles of this hotel. Rgds JCS

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    thanks jcs

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    There used to be fallow stalking available on Riemore estate, which is in Dunkeld. This was when Paul Foggin of Scottish Deer Management had the lease. I dont think he still has this ground, but you could try other enquires about this estate.

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    thanks michelle i will try this estate

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    Try Ananadale estate near Moffat. Plenty of fallow and wonderfull scenery.FM.

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    +1 for annandale,only 5 mins of the 74 althou not quite as stunning scenery as up a9. i think bert's on holiday the now, back the start of sept. seen some cracking bucks the other month up there jist behid his house too, still in velvet then thou

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