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Thread: Gator advice

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    Still wearing Kammo Gaiters! wish they were still made! think my next set will be Monarch!

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    Definitely Monarch Munro, real quality gaiters.

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    I just bought some ventile ones from ebay for about £30. Seem well made, robust and quiet.

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    Monarch Munro as said zips a bit fiddly took the laces out and use a piece off bike innatube cut to size feed through eyelets and tie knots too suit boots
    Cracking bit of kit.
    Logic will get you from A to B DEERSTALKING will take you everywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by highland stalker View Post
    Blackislander gaiters. No question.

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    German army gortex flecktarn for £10.

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    I use Harkila Pro hunter gaiters, done me well for a tough few years at the grouse, pheasants and plenty of stalking

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    We must now add these as possibly the finest if you have a spare £200:


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    This may work for you also, but I find that cheap ones work best for me and I tend not to wash or clean them and as they start to get all clogged up the become soft and more quiet as time passes, I usually have a couple of pairs one I use for stalking the other I use or more to the point using up ready for stalking.
    Hope that helps, Blacks outdoor shop have ones costing as little as 8 pounds and I tend to have them as tight as they will fit around my legs to stop them rubbing.

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    These look rather interesting and wont break the bank:


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