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Thread: Gator advice

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    Gator advice

    Hi all I'm looking for some strong waterproof but quiet gators. What can you advise?
    Regards Dan

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    I've got the seeland ones. I got them second hand and have been using them beating for 2 seasons now and they look like new. Would recommend.

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    I’ve got the Monarch Munroe gaiters. I’ve not tried them yet as I got them for Christmas but they get quality reviews and have a good following on here.

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    Berghaus Yeti check that they are compatible for your boot before buying

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    the monarch munro's are bloody good.

    For Sale: Monarch Gaiters

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    Monarch munro..... simple!

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    Blaser are super quiet

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    Keep your fingers clear of the jaws, and if you have to pursue them in shallow water, wear waders or a decent pair of gaiters.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortshot View Post
    John Deere but not quiet!
    And make sure you get them equipped with power steering...

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