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Thread: Lady stalker in Cornwall

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    Lady stalker in Cornwall

    Hi I live in Cornwall........right down the bottom, near Penzance, not many deer here.........!!! Lady stalker who enjoys lamping/rabbiting/stalking, DSC1, Insured holds FAC for a .22 and.243. Looking for stalking land or to join a syndicate. Willing to travel up to 200 miles. Can gralloch, skin & butcher. Please contact me if you can help. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the site Shilo, there are a few of us in the south west. Dont know of many syndicates down this way but im sure there are opportunities for the odd stalk.


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    Hi there Shilo, I'm new to this site too... Like you, I'm looking for stalking land, I suppose you're also looking around in the south of England. I've been looking around on the internet, there are many opportunities but I find it difficult to assess who offers good value for money...especially when you're living abroad like I do (live in Belgium as you can tell from my profile, I've just obtained DSC level 1). Good luck with your search here, should you have any suggestions...

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    Hi Shilo,

    Try Dawnraider on here. He's based in Kernow (Truro area)

    Welcome to the site by the way, plenty of help and info on here.

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    Hi Tony well if you ever want some company im willing to travel. Ive been searching for a syndicate but like you say...nothing here. Im hoping to gain my level 2 so all advice is welcome. Thanks. Suzanne

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    Welcome aboard, good to see someone else from the best bit of the world, I am between Falmouth and Helston. As you say not a lot of deer this end!

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