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Thread: Hunting Exchanges

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    Hunting Exchanges

    Does anyone know a website that has an extensive international hunting exchange?

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    Have you tired

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax View Post
    Have you tired
    Yes. But thanks. Seems to presently have very few opportunities.

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    exchange hunts are tough in many countries as non residents have to be accompanied by licensed proffesional guides in that area.
    here in bc canada ,residents can only take out close relatives who live outside bc.which is a shame as many friends would like to come and hunt here but its ilegal!

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    yes mate and

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    Try the various sub-forums on , depending what parts of the world you want to hunt in.

    I've been organising a few swap hunts via AR - the European hunters are mad keen to come and stalk Muntjac and CWD in return for moose, boar, beaver etc, and the Americans want to stalk Red deer and decent Fallow deer in return for Pronghorn, Whitetail, bear etc. Then there's the Irish boys - they just want to come and put a hole in anything that moves (and buy up the contents of Reloading Solutions) , in return for glorious Sika, goat and Fallow stalking. My stalking oppo' and I are off to Sweden in October to hunt Moose and Boar in return for a trophy Muntjac outing over here back in April.


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    Hi folks!
    As some of you may have read, I started swapping around with my friend Wayne through It was a great start on this forum and I enjoy every second, sharing the fun of hunting together!!
    So I still highly recommend this homepage!


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