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Thread: Hungarian/German S+B Are they the same quality?

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    Hungarian/German S+B Are they the same quality?

    I'm in the market for a new scope to use for both woodland stalking and the open hill.I've looked at the hungarian s+b 8x56 fixed power but is it as good as the german made one?
    Should I spend a bit more and get a variable?
    Is it the case with the swaro's,s+b's etc that they are all of similar quality and it just comes down to personal preference at the end of the day?
    I would appreciate any views.
    All the best,

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    Hi GYR,
    I own 3 Hungarian 8x56 scopes, 1 of them is about 9 years old and the other 2 are about 6 years old all off them have proven to be great value. I have not personally owned a German one but i have shot rifles with them on and I couldn't see much difference.
    I compared my 8x56 to a friends Ziess 8x56 one night, we put our rifles side by side and looked at a barn about 300yds away (using a lamp) and if i'm totally hohnest his Ziess was just a little bit clearer but it did cost over 100 more than my Smitt.
    Hope this helps,

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    hi, i have 3-12 * 50 german s&b, and a 8*56 hungarian. Wish I had got 2 8*56, get a much clearer picture on a dim day! ( All ways shoot the variable on 8 power anyway!!!!

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    Buy the Hungarian, same bits to make it just made with cheaper labour.

    If, and it is a big IF, you come to sell it your wont get much more for the german.

    I have a hungarian 8X56 and love it.


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    Hi Gyr,
    I think the Hungarian S & B's are excellent, I've got four and they have never let me down. Even got one on my 375H&H for the Boar, I used to have a German 3-12x50 on the .375 but it had a serious lack of eye relief not fun on a .375 and the 8x56 beats it hands down for night shooting.


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    i have a 30mm 8x56 hungarian on my .308 with QD mounts. if you miss you can detach and bash you quarry to death with it and simply re attach, no loss of zero!

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    hungarian or german

    i have 3 german 6 42 one on a 243 wich has fired over 4000 rounds over 30 year the rifles been rebarreled but the scopes still fine despite all the scratches and a flat eye piece where my son went down a mountain in the snow on his arse and bashed it I have one on a 222 puchased the same time and one on a 308 all 30 years old never had a problem . I also have a Hungarian one on a 243 but this is 8 56 also a good scope . I have 2 doctor opticks one of these is 25 years old apart from the thick cross hairs its great for the money came out of the states for pennies the other one i purchased recently from a shot closing down at half price not tryed it in anger yet more of a spare but i hope i dont need it value for money i dont think you will get better i am now sweating now as the warrenty ran out on mine i think but at less than 200 when i bought them value for money definitively an not a lot more now for a new one

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    I have both, a german variable and a hungarian fixed.

    Magic scopes if you can afford them. Have used all the usual suspects and for woodland the 8*56 hungarian is tops. mine is on a 308. )the variable is on 22-250). I never move the variable of 8 power anyway.

    Some dont like the thicker reticules but i find they focus you on the target very efficienty in a hunting situation. on paper targets they might lack clarity but you only need to zero a schmidt once and then check it occasionally for peace of mind.


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    Thanks for all of your views fellas.
    It sounds to me as if the 8x56 hungarian s+b gets the thumbs up from most people.I'm definately leaning in that direction...
    All the best,

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    I went out and bought a new hungarian s+b 8x56 on saturday.
    Looks and feels like a good quality bit of kit.
    Can't wait to put it on the new rifle next weekend.
    Thankyou again for all your replies.
    The fact that some of you have been using these scopes for many years and have nothing but praise for them made it a simple decision.
    All the best,

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