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Thread: How do I go about obtaining Stalking leases

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    How do I go about obtaining Stalking leases

    I've just registered with a forestry group and will be notified by them when leases become available.

    At present I'm looking to obtain red deer stalking in Scotland on mature forestry plantations.

    I'm trying to put a syndicate together in order to achieve said culls and also to keep costs down for individual members

    When biding for leases is there a rule of thumb that I can follow i.e. cost per beast or cost per acre of ground.

    Any information would be gratefully received.

    Remington 700

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    A guide price will be given mate stay close and you should be ok . Make sure you walk the ground and see for your self if it holds deer so that your sydicate members dont feel as if they have been ripped off. Make sure youn and your members named on the lease are all at as high a standard as possible. IF its FC they have a points system and a phone call to Ian Furguson of the FC will get you a copy of how it works )

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    Thanks, just have to wait and see what they come up with.

    Remington 700

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    All / 6 pointer
    Just received an e mail from a northern forestry group, requesting stalkers interested in a small piece of ground for roe stalking, no previous cull records are available. However there is a healthy population of roe that reside in the area. They are looking for sensible offers, yet no guide price was given. Could anyone please help with more information as what to pay per acre/hectare?

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    Hello Rem,

    If its the wood I think it is then 1.50-2.00 and acre as its roe only in all probability and quite small.
    Long way to go for you too for such a small plot.

    Just my opinion, the prices are just what seems to be the going rate now

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    I think i received the same email. It looks like tough stalking becuase you only have the rides whereas the neighbours will whack the deer as soon as they leave the woods to feed on the neighbouring fields and all you would be able to do is watch.........

    If it's the one I am thinking of anyway - in Angus?

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    I got the same email and the locals will be nailing the roe in the surrounding area... i am not going to make an offer as i bet like the other five i have tendered for will be already lined up for a pal of a pal.

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    hi im interested in findingout more about this lease available, anyone care to pm me with the details etc.

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    Rick fone leif Bragg he will be the chap ask him for any leases that come available

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    cheers, a quick google hasn't brought anything on that name, who he work for

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