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    belgian hunter

    Hi there, I was wondering whether there are any other Belgian hunter around here...
    And I'm looking for stalking opportunities, preferably somewhere in the south of England.
    At the moment, I'd like to find a good roe doe stalking opportunity. I've got DSC 1...

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    Les is right you lot do make great chocolate i had a chap over he is on here as Kristof the choclate he brought me was superb. PS get intouch with him he has access to good roe doe stalking.

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    Hello belgianhunter,
    Another Belgian hunter here. Welcome to the forum. Dutch speaking?? What area do you live?

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    Hi there, yes I am Dutch speaking. I live near

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    Quote Originally Posted by belgianhunter View Post
    Hi there, yes I am Dutch speaking. I live near
    I understand what you are saying... I CAN SPEAK DUTCH!!!!

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    I live near Aalst.

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