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Thread: Accubond LR terminal performance

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    Accubond LR terminal performance

    Seeing as it's a bit of an unknown at the moment and theres quite a bit of chat about it I thought I would share my experience of this week.

    7mm08 shooting a 150 ABLR at 2760 fps.

    I shot a Mouflon on Tuesday. It was lying down facing me. I was told by the French guide to take the shot so placed it just above the brisket, trying to avoid it raking the saddles. The bullet ran the full length of the body and came to rest in the left haunch, recovered when we butchered it.

    Recovered bullet weighed 132 grains so it retained 88% of it's weight. Expanded dimensions were 3/4"x1/2", so it expanded very well. It would have been 3/4" square but the 12% that fell off was all on one side. The bonding has worked very well, most of the lead well and truly bonded to the jacket. Terminal velocity was around 2570 fps.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Overall I was very impressed with it. Obviously not sure exactly how it's going to perform at higher and lower terminal velocities but signs are very good.

    Hope that helps someone.
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    So much to learn and so little time left

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    120 meters Ed.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Congratulations on the Mouflon Nigel and interesting reading. Did you buy the Accubonds locally?

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    Thanks, Reloading Solutions. Always found their service very good.

    It was a bit of a waste of a ABLR at 120 meters, but I was warned to get set for a 300 meter shot in what might be breezy conditions, so I belt and braced it.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    I use the 168 grain in my 7 mag and I find they expand well but hold together only recovered the odd one mind regards benji

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    I have been using the 129 grain in the 6.5 Lapua and it has performed very well on red and side but never recovered one.

    I am about to load the 168 in the 280ai. It's 9 twist so I have fingers crossed that it's going to stabilise. What twist rate is your 7 RM Benji?
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    i was kindly given a few of these to try in 129gr loaded in 6.5x55 only shot roe with them from 40yards to 330 yards at 40 yards tennis ball size exit,180 yards golf ball exit and 330yards golf ball exit .all ran 20/40 yards with destroyed heart and bang flop but dead on their feet.very accurate on gongs at 450 yards and totally destroyed a pumpkin at 500 yards so i would say a good bullet.they are only doing 2550fps in 20" tikka sv but dont take any prisoners.

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    Thanks Banus. I think I'm pretty much sold on them for the hill rifles. There don't seem to be too many compromises with them.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Will write up some notes on the ELD|X 6.5mm 143gr for comparison. Getting outstanding ballistics & terminals on large goats well past 500m but majority 250-400m plus some close rangers 50-70m. Very impressed.

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