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Thread: new ground pays off

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    new ground pays off

    Some new ground and a buck in the bag.
    I have recently picked up some more foxing permission at a chicken farm and along with it came the deer stalking, it's only 90 odd acres but it does have some woodland neighbouring it and I often see a deer or two when I'm foxing.
    Yesterday evening I decided to go and have a look for one of the two bucks that I have seen, one has a huge set of antlers and may go to a medal but the other is just a nice buck, I was naturally hoping that I would see the big boy but it was not to be and the smaller of the two came my way. I arrived at the farm at 7pm and bang on an hour later one was in the bag.
    The stalk was quite straight forward but I had to get up a hedge row on the same side as the deer or I would have been trespassing, anyway after about a 10 minute stalk I was able to rest the rifle on a barbed wire fence post and take my shot. I waited for about 3 or 4 minutes until he presented himself and then placed the cross-hairs took up the pressure on the trigger, and squeezed a little harder, the .308 spat out 150 grains of copper and lead and the buck folded under the weight. I just clipped both front legs but he was stone dead and on inspection his heart was smashed to pieces. Did the gralloch and took him to the farm for the farmers dinner. I kept the head, bottom part of the legs (for the dogs,) liver and kidneys.
    When I got home I laid a scent trail in the garden and hid the head and legs, I brought out Sika the pup and took her to the start of the trail, she followed it and got her reward, a nice fresh venison kidney! She is mad for deer, thats really pleasing and I think that I have the makings of a good dog with her. .

    Sika dog.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Nice one dm now all you have to do is find the big fella before the season ends but i think sika had the biggest smile on the day lol.

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    Nice write up! is sika a cocker spaniel? how old is she?



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