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Thread: Worth the early start.

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    Worth the early start.

    After being sat for an hour or so in the high seat, getting into position before first light, and seeing nothing but does and fawns, I decided to take a walk about!

    Managed this one off the sticks at about a 140 yds

    85lbs dressed out. Unfortunately his two friends didn't hang about to play ball.


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    A nice young one Tom, well done mate.

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    Nice one mate

    Let a few come northwards mate


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    Thanks chaps..........

    Jonathon, this one came off the Cotswolds, but if I can get a bunch up the M5 I am sure we can hang a left towards you !



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    A nice young one. What caliber did you use?


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    Hi 243Sako,

    30.06 150grn Hornady Interlock home load.



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