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Thread: Training a labrador

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    Training a labrador

    I have a lab thats been trained to retrieve birds and rabbits but hasn't done any deer work. Having spent over three hours the other evening with a torch to find a pricket I've decided I should do something about it. I'm based near Rugby, does anybody know of any one local to me that could assist.

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    I was in the same situation as you. A dog really good at picking up and two years old. I bought a long trailing lead for something like a fiver. Scrounged a gallon of claret from the local slaughter house and spent three weeks having a great deal of fun with my Lab.

    If he/she is a working strain or even just keen on working then lay a short blood trail and follow closely behind. Make them simple to start with and progress a little harder each time. Don't over do it as it should be fun for the dog and you.

    You will be amazed at what you learn from your dog. I wouldn't dream of going out for a stalk without mine now.

    Have fun.


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    I have been taking my lab for a while now. He sits steady to them when only 20ft away and keeps looking at me for the release. I have shot a few that are easy for him to find and he realy enjoys it but thinks he has to retrieve it. He dragged a 3 year old fallow buck about 10ft before i got to him.
    He tracks where the deer have departed if i don't get a shot so i know he will find one if wounded. But i am not sure how to stop him trying to retrieve as thats what he has been trained to do on game birds.


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    PM me
    I'm based around Wawrick and will be able to give you a few pointers in the right direction that will help
    kind regards

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    Encourage him to grip the deer by the throat whilst trying to retreive it, that way hes not doing any damage to the carcase and will automaticaly grip the throat of a wounded deer.....

    hope this helps


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