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    simmons scopes

    I see from some websites that the newest simmons range claim they have been tested for 1000 shots from a 375 h&h and a 12 bore shotgun with slugs.If this is true then it makes them incerdible value for people who cannot afford to get up in the german market.I have an old whitetail classic 3.5-10x50 and was excellent on my 243 for years and very good optics for its class but when i tried it on the 30-06 it would not hold zero at all so they must have changed something

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    They have changed them but it still wouldn't make me buy another after the problem I had getting mine replaced. I must stress that that was with the old importers who were AGS now Webley. The current importers are good to their word and sorted it out.
    Even if tempted by a bargain I won't be buying a cheap scope again.

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    My experience with the Pro series is that the quality is spotty. I have a pro Hunter on my .222 at the moment and it's OK. I had a master series for a while but it has issues so was returned to the supplier who checked the others and they were the same. It was fine for a short while then it played up. pity as it was very clear and bright with good eye relief. it was on the 25-06 so not huge recoil. I was getting split groups. it moved just over 1 1/2". My target had two nice groups but 1 1/2" apart and they should have been together. Have friends in the US who like them and have had no problems we it seems got a bad batch which somewhat shakes the confidence. It was on their recommendation that I tried them. If they could get a good one I would have a Master Series as it was nice scope to use even with the vari focales and they can be a pain when using a scope.

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