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Thread: Recommend me a dry food

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    Recommend me a dry food

    My boy isnt a deer dog but its a I figured theres a wealth of experiance on here

    Ive a German Shepherd / Flatcoat cross, family pet and ruined for anything by fireworks
    He is getting on for 9 and recent xrays have shown he has dodgy hips so he is now no longer able to come to work daily with me and is restricted to a couple of walks a day.

    Im after a dry food that will maintain him at a healthy weight (currently 38kg which for his size is about right)

    Any recommendation would be gratefully received.

    The boy Oakley

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    Tried most of them settled on Arden Grange from Berriswood wholesale
    run 5 cockers seems to work for me

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    Forgot to mention lamb and rice is what i use
    great product any advice from our vet on this site would be grateful

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    why are you looking to change his food
    is he starting to loose condition in any way??

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    We were on wet food and biscuit mixer and he was out running round with me all day everyday, once he came up lame we did the whole vet thing and the xrays showed the hip problem so vet advised a science plan diet due to his now reduced excercise but frankly its through the roof expensive. Ive tried him on a local petshops own brand dried stuff thats got a reduced protein content to help keep weight down when excercising less and he just hates it so looking for alternatives .

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    I've pretty much tried them all but have now settled on CSJ dog food. It was recommended to me buy a guy who's a competitive dog sled racer and his dogs are real athletes. It's salmon based, great quallity and all of my 4 dogs love it - 2 chesapeakes, 1 springer and a border terrier:

    I use 'Hike On!' in the winter months, before i take them out working and 'High Lost' during other times.

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    Hav you looked at brands of complete food that do a senior diet
    but also don't be to hasty in choosing reduced protein foods
    as your dog will still need protein in it's diet to help stay active and keep weight on, all you will need to do is just reduce the amount of food in-take per meal
    plus you may also need to start adding extra's like Salmon oil to complete food with reduced contents
    Chudleys does a good allrounder at about 12 a bag which should last about a month, just add a bit of bisto or the likes to get them started on it and possibly Salmon oil at a later stage to help with body condition if you feel the coat starts looking a little dull in colour
    tit bits from "Fish 4 Dogs" also will help mantain health
    also if you don't already, feed twice a day,
    makes a big difference in the long run, but it may take a little time for your dog to adapt to it's new life style and food choice

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    Dry Food

    I use Countrywide maintenance with a 50% mix of raw meat mainly lung from the butchers or local slaughter house and just increase the amount of meat acording to work load.If dogs need a bulk up carrot is good either raw of cooked.
    Added coldliver oil to my old cockers food when he got stiff with half an asprin he had to be put down at 15

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    Stone makes some good comments in first post, if nothing wrong why change. If there anything wrong with his current diet, he is in good nick and enjoys it, could u not jist feed him a bit less and watch his condition or mix some low protien stuff into it to bulk it up if he misses the quantity of food. Also adding some oils may help esp as an older dog.
    All dogs are different and will have diferent tastes and put on or lose condition differently, even changing the kennelling adding/ removing dogs can affect an others appetite.
    For the thread my dogs on wagg worker and seems to suit them fine,apart from the oranage poo, but fairly active (beat/picked up 50 odd days last year, on 10 already this season)so not really suit urself, 6 month pup on chudleys puppy/junior

    Also i'm no dog nutritionalist but does the protien value have that big an impact on the dogs, in the past i have looked at the protien% of different brands and generally between 18-25% and sometimes only 1 or 2% difference between 'normal' and 'high protien, worker' mixes of same brand. i have also noticed 'normal' on one brand being higher protien than another brands 'hig protien' mix. Can't really see how couple of % will make a massive difference (althou no vat on worker mixes) esp when the portions are made to suit the dog

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    If your dog doesnt take to it boil a few rabbits up in a large pan of water (bigger the better and the more rabbit the better). Boil until the meat falls off the rabbit (2hrs or so) strip the meat off the bone then roll the meat up in some cling film so its approx a sausage size 'tube'. Freeze this. Into some old dog food tins or other similar containers pour the 'gravy' from the rabbits and freeze these also. Bit of rabbit (it just breaks up into the size you want from the freezer)and some warmed up gravy and your dog would eat a a well seasoned piece of oak

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