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Thread: A return story

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    A return story

    Well, as some of you might have noticed I have been away from the site for quite a while, here’s the reason why.
    One Sunday morning in April I was, lets say, “having a cuddle” with the wife when I felt a lump on her left breast, at that point the worst fear of any man came to mind. At the time I didn’t tell the wife what I had felt as I didn’t want to ruin her day, so decided to mention it later. That afternoon I said that I had to have a word with her about something later, being a woman she wanted to know now. “This morning I felt a lump on your breast” at which point she felt it herself.
    To the docs the next morning she was referred to the hospital within a week. Various tests and biopsies later and 2 weeks to wait for results our fears were confirmed, breast cancer.
    Within 2 weeks she was in for the operation to remove what was a 9mm lump. The operation was a day case and she was out by 8pm that evening. Two weeks later and the biopsy results were back, “We took 5 lymph glands from under your armpit which have come back clear but I’m afraid that there are still some cancer cells left on 3 edges. so you will have to come back in for a cavity shave“, said the surgeon. Two weeks later she was back in for a cavity shave, which for those whom don’t know, is basically where they shave about a finger thickness from the edge of the hole that is left from the removal of the cancer. Two weeks later and we were back in for the biopsy results again. “ The news wasn’t what we wanted to hear as there was still cells left on 2 edges. “We won’t be able to go back in for another cavity shave as this would leave you with a disfigured breast, and it wouldn’t look right, so I am afraid you will have to have a mastectomy” said the surgeon. As you can imagine this was really upsetting for the wife to hear as for any woman. So 2 weeks later she was back in again, but this time for 5 days. This was 3 weeks ago that she was in for the operation which included full reconstructive surgery including implant. The operation meant taking out all of the breast tissue, taking the muscle out of her back from the opposite side of her breast, keeping it with a blood supply and nerves and bringing it to the front to create a muscle for the implant to sit under.
    She had the op on a Tuesday, came out of hospital on Saturday and went out for a short walk with me on Sunday. Last Thursday we went back for a check up and further results which to our relief were that they had now removed all of the cancer, this was like winning the lottery for us as you might imagine. How is she now? I have to say she has made an amazing recovery, she is back to driving, walking, basically all the stuff we did before and she is also wanting to get back to work.
    You might be wondering why I am sharing this experience with you, for a couple reasons really,
    1, I can’t stress how important it is to get your wives or girlfriends to check themselves regularly, as early detection is crucial like in our case.
    2, I would like to thank The Royal Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield for their amazing speed and treatment of my wife.
    3, I would also like to thank some very special people whom have kept in touch and shown just what good friends are really about with their get well wishes, cards and flowers. These friends are
    Sikamalc and Sandra (Frankie)
    Andy(tika308) and his wife Dawn
    Robin and his wife Cherry
    Terry (pheasant sniper1)
    Jayb and his wife Sheila
    Nick (fester)
    Thanyou all
    There is also a moral to this story, If, when you fancy “lets say a cuddle” on a Sunday morning and you get the knock back, just say that you are looking out for her health and giving her a check-up.

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    Jeez Wadas, sorry to hear this.

    Fair play to you for giving Mrs Wadas your undivided attention throughout such a terrible time, and best wishes to Mrs Wadas for making a full recovery!

    all the best,


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    Well done the family a success story from cancer one of the few things we all hear of ,I hope both of you are keeping well .

    There's only one way to go in situations like this is forward .

    Keep well all concerned .

    I've had the same T-shirt .

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    nice to see you back on here buddy, and like i told you on thursday fantastic news for you all.hope to catch up with you soon, then again 5 weeks today and you will be driving me mad !!!!!!!

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    Glad to hear everything is on the mend.

    All the best


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    Good News Mr and Mrs Wadas. Glad everything is now OK.

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    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
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    Im glad to hear your wife is on the mend
    all the best to the both of you
    regards pete .

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    Glad to hear everythings on the up, what a terrible thing for you both to go through.
    Best wishes.

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    Wadas you are a true gent!

    Thats a tough thing to share, but so very worthwhile if just one person takes heed of your warning. Sorry you have both had to endure this, but I'm sure you will both be all the stronger for coming through the dark times. Remember my offer a while back? It still stands open mate, if you and Mrs. Wadas want a bit of R&R my door over there is always open to you. All the very best to you both.

    Kind regards,


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    I'm glad to hear your OH is on the mend and doing well,
    best wishes to you both

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