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Thread: Zeiss Varipoint Reticle 56

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    Angry Zeiss Varipoint Reticle 56

    I reckon Zeiss made a big marketing error when they decided to discontinue the 56 reticle across their range of scopes available in Europe. Can't think why they did it.

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    Never owned a Zeiss scope with that paticular reticle,
    I am now wondering why it would of been such a big mistake to discontinue it....
    I expect you will be able to shed some light on this for me

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    I have been using this reticle for many years for deer and driven pig on the Continant. I find it offers a nice clear and uncluttered view of the target whilst allowing you to ensure that everything is perpendicular. A couple of friends of mine have expressed a great deal of interest in getting hold of a Zeiss scope with this reticle but have been told its no longer available. Personally I reckon it may be Zeiss attempting to reduce production costs by limiting their range.

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