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Thread: exporting rifleto europe

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    exporting rifleto europe

    Hi Mates i am new here,looking to buy a used rifle for me to use it in europe,has anyone sold onefor export abroad and let meknow of all papperwork? I do have all the legal requarements from my origin country.Cheers

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    you will need a prior consent from your country of origin. its an EU form. you don't mention which country as the procedure differs very slightly.

    the shop or individial in the UK previously owning the rifle will have to apply for export to transfer the rifle out. it can then be shipped, via firearms courier to you residence / in some countries the nearest airport.

    its a fairly simple system, but has a few pitfals

    regards Pete

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    Re exporting

    I just took 101 items (shotguns & rifles) out via Dover. The paperwork was done by the dealer at the UK end through BISS (old DTI). I first checked about the legality with kent firearms dept then the DTI then Dover customs all said it was ok and I would not need a courier service as I would be taking them to the end user dealer in Germany.
    I was stopped by the port security service as they were checking 50% of cars that night at Dover and after 4.5 hrs of cross-checking each serial number to the paperwork I was cleared for travel onto the boat.
    There appears to be no clear guidlines for all the parties involved to follow. The dealer in UK said it was always done this way for French purchasers.

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    Thats exactly the opposite of what humberside police said,, courier was a must.

    when we do the paperwork for transfer of rifles out of Germany, we have to specify courier name and address on the paperwork,
    if guys want to personaly pic up we just ender " Personliche Transfer" personal transfer that leaves it open for me to courier out or client to courier out personaly.

    The usualy don't have a clue at the ports, thats a fact.

    I remember when the French stopped me with a van load of rifles on the way to the Midland game fair.. i showed em the papers and opened the van up. the 2 cops motioned for me to quickly close the doors and shhhhh, not to tell anyone, my french is good enough to understand it was nearly shift change time and they where keen to knock off and didnt want the hassle of the paperwork.

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    Yes i think i will need a courier and an importer for my coutry,cant just come and buy one myself.Thanks for the reply mates

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