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Thread: Great Fun today

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    Great Fun today

    I got bored sorting out some of my old gunsmithing parts today and decided to take a walk cross country. I loaded some 8x57 rounds with a 206 grain bullet over 20 grains of Accurate Arms 5744, a powder very similar in burning rate to IMR 4198.

    Taking my Husqvarna 8mm I set out across a couple of miles of prairie in search of varmints. I shot a few flea-infested rabbits out to about 30 yards, saw a few eagles and a halof dozen hawks, and generally had a good time. I'd like to think that these walks afield with the deer rifle will do some good come deer season.~Muir

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    O' ye of the working hips
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    The Doctor says to walk. He didn't say to do it unarmed!~Muir

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