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    Snap Caps

    I have been told in the past that dry firing a rifle will not cause any damage,is that true or should snap caps always be used.Friends i've talked to are split,so thought i'd ask you knowledgeable people.

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    Hi Shunty can't give you the definative answer but always heard it does no harm but i wouldn't like to make a habit of it myself, probably safer to have snap caps if you're going to be doing any amount of dry firing i would have thought.
    ATB Neil.

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    always been told ok to dry fire rifle but not shot gun

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    Dry firing has always been part of rifle training. You learn correct breath control and trigger squeeze by repetition and dry firing.. Rim fires due to the pin hitting the rim and squashing it bewteen pin and chamber mouth need a snap cap to prevent peening and damage to the pins nose but a properly designed and constructed centre fire bolt action rifle should not be harmed by dry firing..... I do it all the time............................ but what do I know

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