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Thread: photos of bullet wounds / meat damage

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    photos of bullet wounds / meat damage

    what do the regulars/moderators think of posting some pictures of bullet wounds/meat damage and along with a short description of details eg, calibre, bullet weight, range shot taken etc...

    purely for educational purposes, of course. or do we think its not PC?

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    I reckon it would be okay as long as it was done properly. All scientific, nothing that would look at all like 'Fat Doris from S****horpe' on the readers wives pages.

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    150gn winchester soft point

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    Yep that's a 308 alright! Although I use 243 and 308 I always prefered the Swede for knock down power and tidy exit wounds on Roe. The 6.5x55 didn't seem to bounce about as much. To be fair though, it looks like you shifted a lot of bone through that hole. Dead is dead though and I bet the deer didn't run far.

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    This is a .308 on a Sika Stag, I think it was 180 gr Speer HPBT, I'm not sure because it was my mates gun. I thought it was a bit brutal and never bothered with it again, went back to my 6.5

    Up close it looks like one of those mock up's in a first aid exam.


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    i think it is always a good idea to use pics for an educational purpose , as it helps others to see if what they are doing is the same as others , in this case it shows how your bullet reacted and expanded and more than likely meant this deer was met with an instaneous death , perfect , meat damage is never a consideration when i shoot ,so i am lucky not to be put in that position like some others i know , but all the same this is a stalking site and this is a major part of stalking bullet expansion and the effects of it
    hope that was'nt raymond

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    Stone that's not Raymond, Raymond is a lot bigger....Oh he also has a lot more hair, unlike JayB!

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    unfortunately that deer didn't meet with instant death. i thought he had, as he dropped on the spot. when i went to collect him he was still alive, and i had to finish him with the knife. the bullet had missed his body cavity/heart lungs and broke both his shoulders, he wasn't going anywhere.

    it was my first kill with my .308 which i had zeroed at 2" high at 100. the ammo was only grouping at 2", therefore i was potentially 3" high at 100m or worse. i aimed for a high hear shot, but forgot to compensate for the potential 3" error, hence missing the point of aim. but at least the "enough gun" rule, meant that he was dropped.

    i have now rezeroed and have different ammo for that gun.


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    useful thread.

    this is going to be a useful thread- i best we will find that placement has a lot to do with damage as well.


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