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Thread: Swarovski scope choice

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    Swarovski scope choice

    Can anyone tell me what, if any, difference there is between an av 6-18x50 and say a z6 with similar zoom and field of view. Is the z6 worth the extra money in terms of glass quality or is it just the shape of the scope, bells and whistles etc. There is a 600 difference in price. It will be used for stalking and possibly 300 metre range shooting. I was under the impression all swarovskis were good scopes. I have read articles on them but would appreciate some field knowledge, if anybody has experience of both scopes. Thanks, Ed.

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    6-18 has a 3X zoom (18/3) you will find that a Z6 has a 6X zoom... no other scope does this and even the S&B has to go to a 34mm tube diameter to let the equivalent light gathering

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