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Thread: Free patterdale terrier

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    Free patterdale terrier

    by trapper on August 30th, 2010, 7:00 pm
    Hi all ,
    my neighbour is having another addition to the family !! reluctantly Jack a 12 month old Patterdale Terrier needs a working environment !! ideally /family rehome , he is great with kids, and cats , Innoculated / booster due in nov , Docked & Neutered ! he can only shag a cushion !! . He is energetic and keen , has a very pleasant demeanear. He is a great little dog . He just needs a more active location . Anyone interested please PM ME ASAP , needless to say no trade !!

    It's hard to soar like an EAGLE !when you work with TURKEYS
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    Incase you are thinking there is something wrong with him , just the sun on his leg he is jet black .

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    What's your location? And does he get on with other dogs?

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    Location grimsby. he is fine with other dogs.

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    I'd love a Pat.
    shame it's so far away

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    Thanks to all who responded , JACK NOW HAS A NEW LOCAL HOME

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