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Thread: Hanging carcasses

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    Hanging carcasses

    Well were eventually getting into summer at last! Now in the winter my shed suffices with the help of the cold temperatures. Now comw the summer I struggle to keep the beasts cool and try and shoot between friday night and sunday morn to give me time to strip the beast. This isnt ideal as i like to hang my beast for a week, and a brick larder is out of the question just now, and I done have a garage.

    I was wondering what you all do/ use for hanging beasts?


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    A modified drinks cooler works well, the Syndicate I shoot uses one, keeps it outside his back door. I would think if that's a problem for you with people objecting to seeing what's it then cover the front glass tint or even paint it so knowone can see what's in there, put a hasp and padalock on it. 2 Roe with ease, 1 Sika/Fallow won't hold more than a 70/80lb beast though even topped,tailed and hoofed.

    Hope that helps.

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    Jock I looked at the cooler and I am thinking of getting 1 but thought it would have to be inside so to speak. Is it OK facing the weather? Or has he sheltering it?


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    Nutty just put a bit of a shelter over it mate. Better safe than sorry. I'm about to stick our old American style fridge in the garage. It will hold a fallow or two roe.

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    Happy days!! I am going to build a new Kennel/shed, slab 1/2 the green for the runs. But the cost of that has in effect put it on hold, I was hanging of till I got the shed built. I could use larch panel fencing pop a roof on it and Im of and running.

    happy Nutty

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    Beowolf perfect mate, bl@@dy pity its collect only in Essex and Im in central scotland!!


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    hi nutty
    i tried most things from coke coolers to a butchers display cabinet and even buttering up the local butcher for a little fridge space and finaly settled on building my own fridge with larder and sink units nothing to special it will depend on how much you shoot and the species you shoot
    if you hav the room then forgo the cost and look at a cheap walkin fridge unit and by a spend the money on a refridgeration unit or even knock up a few thermalite block walls onto the side of the garage with a solid upvc door and frame insulated roof with tin sheets to protect from the weather and fit a refridgeration unit to that
    otherwise down to essexs, kick car out of garage and new home created for frdge
    as the deer comes first

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