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Thread: Cutting a Rifle in North Wales/NW England

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    Cutting a Rifle in North Wales/NW England

    I have just acquired a T8 moderator for my .243 and now need to have the rifle cut, can anyone please recommend anyone in the North Wales or Cheshire area who can do this work and give a rough idea of what I should be paying.

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    Cheshire gun room, not sure what John would charge but Ive always found them very reasonable.

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    How about Rhino Rifles, based in Northwich? They did a neat job on my old .308 last year.

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    Rhino rifles for my money as well. Google them and it comes up

    Cost me 50 and they did a very good job


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    Rhino Rifles again a bit difficult to get hold of but worth the wait.

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    Gwynedd firearms in Bangor advertise this service Paul. I don't know if they do it in house or what the quality is like.

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    Brock & Norris. nr Telford.
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    Thank you all for your advice - I'll contact the main contenders and see how it goes.

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    G F A Do not bother with them had a cz527 threaded by them told me that they were going to cut it thread it and re-crown it cost 70.00 when i picked it up he only threaded it. Where the front sight was now has a groove were it was and he did not have to re crown it. Phoned up regarding a mount for a nv scope i had bought from a local lad and was told to go to my nearest gun dealer. I have spent over the years here and even taken 4 mates there 2 bought a total of 3 rifles and the other 2 shotgun so it must be local they just take the p==s. Had work done by rhino rifles spot on
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    I recommend asking your RFD to send it to Steve Kershaw - can't fault the screw cutting/recrowning he did for me - plus it was for at a very reasonable cost and with a 48 hour turnaround.

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