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    A question: C B P D*

    A couple of years ago, I recall reading an article that concluded with a rhetorical question, “could the Blaser R93 be the last rifle you ever buy?” This evening it pains me to have to tell you that whosoever penned that comment was lying like a cheap suited MP. My faithful old Remington has gone. A brace of pistols & a 22 rifle have likewise all been sold … as have the children … all to feed my growing addiction. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t seek approbation but forgive me if I briefly chart my descent into penury

    It all started about eighteen months ago when I bought my first R93; a left handed Pro Camo decked out with a match fluted .243 barrel. With hand rolled Nosler 70 grain BTs & one of those new fangled moderator thing-a-mes, it keeps my account with Mr Charles turning over nicely

    When it comes to firearms, I have long maintained that sufficient is never enough - within six months, I’d bought a right handed second hand .222 with one of the old wood effect stocks. I didn’t particularly want a .222 but I’d had a little phone around & Francis Lovell did me an excellent deal on a used 6.5mm x55 barrel. Kept well stoked with home grown 120 grain BTs, this has become my default small to medium deer tool, & busy it has been to boot

    Then in a drunken stupor one evening I bought a copy of WDM ‘Karamojo’ Bell’s Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter from Amazon. 1,011 elephantidae later, how could I ever resist the 7mm x 57 barrel that Macleod’s had in but I fully concede that my latest fix, a second hand 308, that I picked up from Al at the Gloucester Gun Company a couple of weeks ago is nothing short of gluttony

    These days, our government seems to think that it is prudent to give away free drugs/needles/etc etc etc. Inexplicably Mr Osborne & Mr Cable seem reluctant to provide me with free German optics & prescription manufacturer branded paraphernalia that my habit dictates I must have & have now. I therefore have but one question that I would like to pose to the many experts that opine on this forum: under European Human Rights Legislation, can I sue?

    *C B P D: Compulsive Blaser Purchasing Disorder

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    Mr FM. Brilliant. I bet you dream about them too? There is however a very painful cure - DIVORCE. Rgds JCS
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    I wish you luck with CBPD I am sure you have a case ,in the past I have suffered something quite similar, I was doing fine until Sako brought out the 85 good luck .

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    Enjoyed reading that..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    You just need to learn to plunge your genitals into a bucket of icy water if you get those sort of urges,that'll sort you out,no good trying to blame someone else mate,you should be ashamed of yourself.

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    It's catching i think i've got it to, three stocks and eight barrels and still want more Blaser R93

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    Tis probably cheaper than a mistress - so I am led to believe!

    A far more dangerous addiction though is the Double Gun Purchase Disorder - I have half a double rifle - well a Ferlach built combination gun - 7x65 under a 16 bore - its lovely, but a double rifle would be even nicer!
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