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Thread: Help with powders

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    Help with powders

    I know theres millions of threads already about powder choice..

    I use H4895 for my .243 100gn BTSPs and it works well in that rifle.. I use H335 with 40gn BTs for my .223 and again it give wonderful results..

    Now my .308 i am debating what to use.. Can anyone shine a light on 'fast burning' powders and 'slow burners'? Its a R700 PSS with a 22'' barrel.. Ive heard that with shorter barrels you should use faster powders etc.. I intend having a play with H4895 and H335 (if the book allows) to see what results i get.

    I have been using PRVI partizan ammo with the heads replaced for 150gn Hornady SSTs and have found the optimum OAL and amount of PRVI powder. That combo is giving me 0.7MOA consistently but ive about used all of the rounds.

    It would be nice to use one powder in everything but i would rather spend a bit of extra cash and find the sweet spot.

    What was interesting with the load development for the .308 was that by seating the head on the rifling, the groups opened up to over MOA.

    The other thing ive been thinking (seeing as ive pretty much used a box of 150gn SSTs is that aparently the R700 PSS .308 was designed around 168gn bullets, do you think its worth going for this weight or just stick with the 150gn SSTs?

    So many options.. hmm.. Need some helpful advice and have turned to you guys! (hopefully Muir will point me in the right direction!!)

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    i use h4895 in .223, .243 and .308 (it also works pretty well in my 22-250)

    in the .308 i've only used it with 110 gn spire points and 125 ballistic tips - 49 gn load gives 3120 and 3050 fps from memory. i used n140 for some 150gn spbt's and accuracy was excellent (44gn) but velocity was well down at 2500 fps. 48.5 gn of the n140 pushed a 125 ballistic tip at 2900 fps, which was slower than the load that worked with the h4895.

    hope that helps. rifle is an r93 with standard length barrell - 22 3/4" i think.

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    I am having good results with some of the medium/fast powers, particularly with short barrels.

    Think about trying Benchmark as a common powder for the 223 & the 308.

    The 243 needs it's own powder. Think about re19 or re22. N160 also works well.

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    Cheers Offroad Gary, interesting what you say.. RE Benchmark Claret Dabler, is there a particular one or is that THE powder they make? Im not familiar with it.. A friend swears by Vhitavhouri (not sure of spelling)

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    Benchmark is a hodgdons powder. Check out their website, it has excellent load data.

    N160 is a Vithavouri powder. N150 is a bit faster than 160 but would work in the 243.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I use H4895 in my .243, .308 and 30-06 - that was before I started using PPU. No doubt when PPU goes up in price I shall then go back to the good old H4895.
    The other powder I use in all my calibres is H380 as well, it used to be a problem getting a steady/reliable supply so I now have loads worked out for each powder for each calibre.

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    Hodgdons BLC-2 is also versatile. I use it with the 130 grain Hornady SP bullets in .308. It also works well in the .223. Sorry but not sure of it's application concerning the .243 .

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    I like H-4895 in about everything. My most accurate 308 loads are currently with H-4895. You can find data for all bullet weights at Hodgdon's site... as well as H335 data. Have fun! ~Muir

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    You have got one of the best powders for the .308 in H4895 I have used it for a long time in a number of .308 rifles
    it is hard to beat for accuracy and gives good velocity,
    My favorite start load for new rifle is 155 grain Sierra and 43.6 grains H4895 and work up to 44.5 grains .3 grains at
    a time some were between is the sweet spot most times, a 150 sst should be the same,
    With H335 start at 41.0 and do the same up to 43.0,
    Remington .308 chambers are cut with a reamer to suit Federal Gold match ammo loaded with Sierra 168 matchking bullets if you can find some of this ammo give it a try, Sierra 155 PALMA bullets # 2155 are made with 168 jackets
    I use Lapua cases and RWS 5341 primers OAL 2.80, use a chronograph when working up loads if you can

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    cheers guys, robertw, sounds like some good info there. Ive asked for a chrono for my birthday so will wait til i get it to do the load development.. I think i will try the 150gn SSTs (i bought another box of them today) with the H4895 and see how i get on.. Thanks again.


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