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Thread: what rifle smith do you recommend??

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    what rifle smith do you recommend??

    I need a new barrel on my .243, who do you guys recommend to do the job??

    After reading nasty stories on here about different rifle smiths, I thought id ask the question before jumping into it.


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    Mike Norris every time

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    Quote Originally Posted by colin jalland View Post
    Mike Norris every time
    As above! He really is exceptional at what he does.

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    Dave at Valkyrie Rifles I can personally vouch for if you don't mind travelling. I was very impressed when i made a trip to him after losing faith in others. Neil Mckillop isn't far from you, only read good things about his work but haven't used his services.

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    Ronin off here

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    Neil McKillop would get my vote being near you.

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    Norman Clark in Rugby, without hesitation

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    Thanks gents, will maybe look into the one nearest me,

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    Steve Kershaw rebarrelled my 243. Did a very good job at a fair price.

    I'm sure others will do as well, but you are right to be cautious and seek recommendations.


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