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Thread: Death by Maggot!!!

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    Death by Maggot!!!

    I got a phone call today from a farmer that I shoot for. He said they were starting to combine a wheat field but were having problems with a Roe Deer that was injured and kept walking in front of the combine, could I come along and have a look?

    I turned up at the field and found this poor buck. The smell was really bad and I couldn't believe it was still alive! No doubt a puncture wound from another buck that has become infected and fly blown. I put the poor thing out of its suffering and took these pics.

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    It's antlers were covered in eggs and the skull has a layer of maggots over it and had an exposed area all around the coronetts. It was a nice 7 point head.

    A local keeper found a buck similar to this last year. When he drove up to it the buck walked into the side of his landrover. Holding it's head low with maggots dropping from it's nose and eyes! He kept the skull which is a freak silver medal.

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    Sad state to get in to all for the sake of a bit of loving

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    Incredible, I have fortunately never seen anything like that. The poor bu**er.


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    Read in Richard Prior book that this can happen when the velvet doesn't come off properly and hangs over the face - some like Pelliese - though i'd sure someone more knowledgeable will know the proper terminology.

    As said above - poor bugger. Good that you were able to help it out of it's suffering. And who says stalkers dont care for their deer ?

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    Poor sod, looks really horrific, great to hear you were able to end it for him and a really interesting example. Lucilia Sericata is (mostly) the responsible party, same species that causes the majority of flystrike cases in sheep along with Calliphora Vicina.

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    Poor bugger, nature is a b***ard sometimes!

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