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Thread: Early season Bucks

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    Early season Bucks

    I was wondering what peoples opinions are on the trophies taken from early season Bucks. I only get stalking a few times a year and one of my favourite times is in April at the start of the Roe Buck season, cool weather, no midgies, low vegetation and sociable stalking hours! I have two skull mounts from Bucks I've shot in April, one was still in velvet and one not long out of velvet. I have them both mounted and on the wall. This year I shot my first summer Buck in July, lovely little beastie with a nice six points so I've mounted his skull too.

    It has really struck me the difference in colouration between the antlers now, the early season ones are a lot duller/grey in colour compared to the summer buck. I like them natural but I was wondering what other peoples opinions were, do you leave them natural or colour them to make them look darker and more stained?

    I have used a antler colouring I got from Bushwear on a Buck skull I have mounted on my shed, it had been prepared for me and the antlers had been boiled white! It worked well but has not lasted, I'm not so bothered as it's outside, but the ones in my living room I want looking well. Here's a photo of one from April and one from July.

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    I was recently given a (whole) head (been in a freezer all summer). Being an early buck which hadn't fully shed. But it looked scruffy and untidy and dare I say it dirty -from being a bit bloody, and me being a taxidermist ideally was to remove the peel if I am to use it for taxidermy shoulder mounting.
    But this has left very white patchy areas which in turn will have to be coloured so that they end up looking a pleasing set of antlers to sale in the future.
    But end of day I think it is all down to personal preference and nothing wrong in that with how you would like to see them up on the wall

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    From the post you want them to look nice and coloured just get a bit of oat stain and put it in boild linseed then wipe over the antlers do this a few time till your happy with the colour.

    All that was put on these was linseed oil to give them a luster

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