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Thread: winchester 22/250 stealth varmint

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    winchester 22/250 stealth varmint

    as above going to let go my winchester 22/250.
    it has the soild alloy bedding block h&s stock on it
    aftermarket jewell match trigger factory set to 1lb [ breaks like glass]
    26 inch varmint barrel screwcut m18 x1 which is the sako factory varmint barrel thread.
    it will come with leupold weaver bases
    the rifle has had no more then 500 factory and reloaded rounds down it.
    it shoots factory sako, federal rounds very well. but the best factory rounds it shot where the winchester silver tips.
    im currently using 35.5 grains of varget and 50 grain vmax or blizking bullets.
    good consistant accuracy not a hot load but still moving well
    the throat and barrel show no signs of wear and has been cleaned and looked after with the best cleaning stuff.
    the steath model is one of winchester's best models imo. and the guys from the usa love them for out the box accuracy. this rifle was had new by me.
    i will be sad to see it go as you dont see many of them now. and is alot of rifle for the money. when you think of the price of some of the other brands out now.
    most of the rifles out now has standard triggers and stocks that need replacing anyway. you dont have to with this. just put a scope on and away you go
    looking for 700. NOW PRICE IS DROPPED TO 600

    only selling as iVE JUST GOT A a rpa but will be so sad to see this go.
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    Still for sale guys its now stored at rfd not far from me. Can be posted for a extra 20 to your rfd

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    anyone got a 25/06 for sale or swap

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    not had much interest in this which is a surprize. its very accurate. the trigger breaks safely at a 1lb and the h&s varmint stock is soild

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    last price drop 550 now. or 575posted to your rfd
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    willing to swap for a nice shotgun. what have you got

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    really surprised this hasnt sold yet, guess people dont realise how good the winnies are, especially one thats been sorted like this!!

    Far far better than a remmy or tikka at that price imo.

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    has it sold yet or still up for sale thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaduflyer View Post
    has it sold yet or still up for sale thanks
    just droped jamie a pm on anouther forum for you mate

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    550 still here
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