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Thread: HushPower Shotguns

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    HushPower Shotguns


    Could anyone who has had experience with these please give me their thoughts....

    I have a few bits of Pigeon Shooting and Rabbiting around here that one of these could be useful for if they are as quiet as the manufacturer suggests... Usual problems down South with people having horses in the vicinity etc and could make life a lot easier...



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    I did an Article for York Guns on their 410 Stealth,It was extremely quiet with all 3 catridges i tried.
    the 2" were more noisy than the 2.1/2" and the 3". We shot about a hundred clays with it and it was effortless, and to boot it was in a friends back garden..
    Not the prettyiest looking gun but very effective in the right hands.
    I lent it to one of the Buccleuch keepers and he was controlling grey squirells with it in the Gardens around the Castle(a very public place), no one heard a thing...


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    Alex, we got one (12 bore) for the shoot and use it around the release pens. With the sub-sonic shells it is excellent, unwieldy but very effective indeed!!

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    As above, to be really effective soundwise you need to use subsonics. From a shotgun handling point of view it is rather like pointing a drainpipe, you certainly don't a nice pointy sight picture so it does take some getting used to.


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    Interesting, Ive been toying with the idea of one of these in .410 to help with squirrel control on a contract I have with a garden centre. How much louder is the 12 bore? Has anyone been able to compare .410 and 12 ?

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    My mate use's a Hushpower 410g SB with subsonic ammo, very effective vermin gun.
    Mossberg also do a silenced version of their 500 PA.
    But the best of the bunch has got to be the Laporte 12g OU, you should be able to find a good
    secondhand one (maybe). they are a bit on the expensive side though.
    ( Think Mike Yardley sporting gun done a review on the Laporte )
    As said above Hushpower SB good vermin gun

    ATB. Uncle Buck.

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    Used a 20 bore one a bit as others have said you really need to use subsonic cartridges, strange thing is you dont notice much difference in the noise when you fire it, but stand 100 yards away and you will hardly hear it.

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    A buddy of mine is splatting grey squirrels in a convent for the nun's, he's using a hushpower .410, everybody's happy.......excepting the squirrels!
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    I find the hushpower a bit too front heavy and cumbersome.

    McEvoys in Standish, nr Wigan do one called the Phantom which I found perfect for the job, very quiet with subsonics and the barrel is completely shrouded.
    Think I payed 300 for a new one.

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    I use a Hushpower 12 bore and find it very quiet and effective using subsonic cartridges. As has been mentioned , it points like a drainpipe but, because of the weight of the moderated single barel, it swings surprisingly well. The most disconcerting thing I found was that unlike an unmoderated shotgun where the stock configuration and the rib give you some elevation, you have to aim along the barrel shroud/moderator and this causes the pattern to fall a little low. However with practice, this is easily compensated for. I use mine around farm buildings near houses where it causes minimal disturbance.

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