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Thread: Wanted Tweed Plus Fours

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    Wanted Tweed Plus Fours

    Looking for plus fours in 36 waist with as long as possible leg. Good second hand pair would be best, however anything considered. Not an Ebay customer.

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    I know you are up a bit from Aberfeldy but if you don't mind paying the money Haggarts there will make you exactly what you want.

    I was in yesterday ordering some. Also a 36'' waist and also like them long. My local gunshop charges around 140 off the peg. Haggarts will make you a pair (completely made to measure) in a choice of at least 50 tweeds, any length, plus4's, 2's or breeks. Buckle fastening round leg, velcro or knitted cuff. 1 or 2 hip pockets. 1 or 2 front pleats or none. Half or fully satin lined. Zip or button fly. And offer a re-tailoring service if you put on or loose weight! 120. 6 week wait. The choice is completely yours. Incredible service and its like stepping back in time 50 years within the shop. hats, caps, waistcoats and jackets to match too.

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    Thanks for that, I might have to do just that, unfortunately I don't have 6 weeks, I'm due on the west cost for 2 week on the 20th. I have a pair that will do, my wife loaned the second pair for fancy dress and they were never returned.

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    PM me your address I have a pair with buckles at the knee that you can have if they are any use.I have only worn them once,if they are any use you could make a donation to H4H


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    I have 243 cases which have been used once, I believe you reload, any good to you ?
    They have only been fired once.

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    Thanks for the offer but I have plenty just now,if you have good numbers you could sell on site and give profits to H4H


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    I have 6 pairs of Haggarts tweeds and was up at the Gamefair at Scone and i asked the owner if he could reduce the waistline down 3"-4" and you would have thought i had asked him to swim the channel... a very much changed company with poor customer service and i believe the make nothing inhouse and when you get your suit it will have problems. They seem to be running on empty.

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    Sutherland sporting in Lairg are top notch made a pair for me with a goretex lining sent them out
    for me to check/try before asking for payment .Great old fasioned service and a great product.

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    i latterly changed from Haggarts to Sutherland sporting to do the tailoring for the same reason as above, you can also get Haggarts tweed from them which imho is the best

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