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Thread: rabbit / chicken tikka

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    rabbit / chicken tikka

    ok heres one i tried on chicken initially as per the programme i got it off years ago ..but did same with rabbit and works well

    never tried with venison tho....yet.

    ok who loves them chicken tikka bagguettes etc you can get in sandwhich shops ???

    this is BETTER
    and EASY

    rabbit or chicken pieces cubed or roughly cut amount? as much /little as you want
    one large tub of natutal yoghurt must be natural .ie. non flavoured
    lemon juice..i used a really good shake form a jif lemon bottle... bout bit less than a third
    1 heaped teaspoon of curry powder ...i used tub o tescos curry powder
    ( done also with cajun powder or bbq powder mix if not into curries)

    take yer rabbit / chicken pieces and place in a bowl
    cover with natural yoghurt ( which natural breaks down/ tenderises the meat)
    add lemon juice
    add powder
    mix really well
    cover bowl with clingfilm and leave overnite

    next day
    pre-heat oven to 250C or as hot as will go
    remove meat pices and shake excess yoghurt off
    place on roasting tray
    put in to hot oven for 10 mins or untill just starting to brown/char on the edges

    surprisingly bloody excellent or even cold on a sandwhich etc

    amazingly easy


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    you ever tried that chicken tarka?

    Its similar to chicken tikka but a little 'otter

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    aaaaahhhhh thats bad......heheheheheheheheee

    sauer / paul

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