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Thread: Rattle in T8 sound moderator?

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    Rattle in T8 sound moderator?


    I'm new on here and this is my first post.

    I recently received a new T8 from Jackson's which was a replacement for one that was showing rust problems after 4 years use.
    I had a zero session yesterday and the rifle grouped well.
    The problem is that when I removed the moderator to clean it, I noticed that there's a metallic rattle coming from it now!
    I have tried, with no success, to shake the foreign body out.
    I'm using the plastic bush from my original T8 and I checked that the moderator was "centred" by looking through the bore before use.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I have heard of such a thing before but never come across it myself.
    It will probably be a bit of weld come loose inside, it can usually be shaken out but if you have no luck Jacksons will change it for you.

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    Mine has the same ! but it's 5 years old now and the only time i hear it is when i take it off and shake it !
    If i bothers you phone jacksons , if not don't worry.

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    Mine had a little rattle as though a tiny bit of metal had got in there. Only ever bothered me when I took it off the rifle and shook it. Seems to have disappeared completely now the rifle and moderator has had a couple of hundred rounds through it.

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