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Thread: Lights and Sights

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    Lights and Sights

    This is a non-deer related question, but seeing as everyone likes to take a shot at a fox or two some people might be able to advise!

    I'm thinking of getting a scope mounted lamp for evening fox shooting, I was looking at Lightforce and Cluson. The Cluson ones are a bit cheaper as a set but if anyone has any experience with either, or others, all advice will be gratefully received.


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    DON'T buy a scope mounted light.. you will get fed up swinging your rifle around and if you want a good mobile lamp buy a Lightforce 140 and take a mate to lamp for you.

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    I would agree with red dot, althou for different reasons, i tried it oncefor rabbits but didn't feel comfortable pointing/waving a gun around. The rifle was empty but still didnt like it, also if u happen to point it at anyone they dont know it's empty, i jist did not like it and that was only scanning a samll area at a time, not like when foxing and scanning lots but taking few shots. if i use a scope mounted lamp i take a seperate lamp for scanning and put an adapter on battery pack or had a cheap rechargable lamp, can get complicated thou with cables and clutter not ideal.

    Now i generally go on foot alone and usually use sticks and have the lamp in my left hand supporting the sticks or for free hand(not often) rest rifle foreend on wrist area and hold lamp below rifle (i actually seen a video on u tube doing this, i think it was robert buckley? )
    As for lamps got 2 nightforce 170 varible and 240 blitz. depending on ur ground if u can spot a long way the 240 is good powerful lamp but be careful at shooting ranges as very bright if put fox in middle of beam.
    My scope mounted is anold deben thing from my airgun days nice and compact onlt really suitable for rabbits thou.
    U can getcheap million candle lamps from sportsman gun centre for about 17 ok for money jist dont drop them

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    I use a light force striker 170 on top of my .17 hmr,.243 and on shot guns,yes its better to have someone to do the lamp work for you but if you have to go it alone i don't find it to much of a problem,you'll need an old sock or something over a moderator though to prevent glare.Before i had the striker i had a smaller cluson lamp which was scope mounted it did the job but the beam was crap and then the scope mount broke.

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    I have had alot of different lamps over the last 25 yrs or so,I got a Cluson lamp when they first came out (still got that on about 5th bulb! gets dropped occasionally!).I now only have 2xcluson and a old 800,000 cp cluson.Think that means I like Cluson Lazerlites!! Get a lightforce and learn about re-wiring, changing switches etc!!

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    For anything up to about 100m I use a deben variable scope mounted lamp, brilliant on the .22 and air rifle but not powerful enough for any further than 100m or so.
    If you're shooting from the vehicle, get a mounted light or better still take a friend.

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    I bought a Cluson a month or so back, very good it is, but after faffing about for ages to
    make a scope mount I am happy with (the Cluson one is crap) I find that actually using it gun mounted is not for me.
    It's not too bad if you are shooting from the truck/car or quad, but carrying it is not going happen again.
    Hand held is definitely the way to go, even when shooting alone, for close range on the HMR I have just bought a Deben Led-Ray 4, now although not enough for c/f range it is great on the hmr, and on the c/f it works out to 150 or so yards to pick out eyes, so now I use the hand held to identify a shot, and the Led-Ray to take it.
    But neither work as well as a pair of HID headlamps on main beam


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    The best thing to do with the lightforce lamps is to cut of the cigarette lighter plug and crimp on a couple of piggy back spade connectors that way you can connect straight to the top of small battery and if you bend out the male part of the connector and remove the cigarette plug from the vehicle you can then plug straight into the connector block there,i'm sure its those poxy plugs over heating that bugger the rest of the wiring up.

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    I'm no fan of scope mounted lamps, in the wind they act like a great big sail on top of the gun and make it very hard to hold still. if your on your own then you end up swinging a rifle around or carrying a second lamp. I have only ever owned lightforce lamps and there is 3 or 4 in the shed so i cant comment on the Cluson. The Lightforce scope mount is quite good and allows you to adjust the angle of the beam to match your scope (dont know if the cluson does this as well) the on and off switch is noisy and clicks like stepping on a stick. If i needed another lamp tomorrow i would buy a lightforce but now i think about it my Lightforce blitz is a bit like Paddys broom, iv'e had it 15 years and its only had 2 lamps,1 new switch,4 new lenses,new handle,new flex, oh just remembered the red/amber covers are a bit of a bugger to get on and off ( i dont use them anyway).
    I allways cut the plug off and fit Bulgin multi pin connectors (they screw together so cant pull out at that critical moment) available from R.S components they do a bulk head socket as well so you can stick one in the dash fused straight off the battery so it doesnt go out with the ignition.


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    Very concerned to hear of all this "swinging around of rifles". loaded or otherwise, goes against best practice.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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