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Thread: Finally got my first buck. :)

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    Finally got my first buck. :)

    I have been trying to get my first Buck, whether Roe or Fallow over the last couple of months. Four outings in a row I saw either does out of season, or serious medal heads beyond my pocket.

    One evening last week was starting to look like more of the same, but right at last light a Fallow Buck followed two does and a faun into the field. I lost them in the long grass, but I was with a guide who got me back on track.

    To be honest I was concerned that the light was getting low enough that finding the deer might be a problem, but I was confident in the shot so I took it. The guide watched where he initially ran, and we both agreed a line to walk, and I found it within a couple of minutes.

    I reckon within ten more minutes I would not have been able to take the shot, I am really glad I spent the money on decent glass.

    Once gralloched back at the barn he weighed in at 75lbs, which for me is the largest beast I have ever taken. OK, that is just a Pricket really, but a good enough start.

    Pleased as punch with the rifle and scope, and hoping for more of the same soon!

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    Brilliant mate. Hope it is the first of many.

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    A nice write up. Do you have any pics of the beast?


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    Thanks. I did take a quick couple of photos on my phone, I had deliberately left my decent camera behind as I was starting to get superstitious! With the failing light they came out really rubbish though.

    This was only my second ever Deer, the first was a Muntjac doe back in April. The Fallow was also the first ever kill for my new Sako .243, so is memorable for another reason. I am very new to the world of FAC, and the .243 is subject to a mentoring condition, hence I am guided by him for a while until such time as he and the Police can agree to sign me off.

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    well done John,sounds though your patience paid off

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    first buck

    Well Done..Top quality glass is the best buy you ever make!!!

    ATB Steve

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    Congratulations on getting your first large deer and a first for your new rifle combo. Learn as much as you can from your mentor - better than any books

    All the best


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    Malc, I have spotted your threads in the Stalking Available topic. I hope to get onto you about that eventually. FAC conditions mean I have to either do my time with the mentor or perhaps ask for an estate rifle if an opportunity arises.

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    Let me know if you want a go in West Sussex this winter, I have several rifles you can use

    Drop me a PM if you want to.



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