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Thread: export of scope from usa

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    export of scope from usa

    Hi guys. I'm off to the sunny U.S in a couple of days and intend to buy some stuff over there including a scope or two. I have heard that it is now impossible for non US citizens to buy 'Tactical' scopes i.e. leopold Mk4s etc. Any views?

    In addition I also intend to buy some dies and bits.

    Has anyone any experience of bringing these things into Blighty personally and did you declare, what were you charged etc etc.

    Ta muchly


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    Hi Matey,
    I'm surprised that can't buy tactical scopes, you can buy them on ebay from yank sites no problem. The terrorists have all the weapons they need anyway because the US gave them the weapons to fight the Russians and Iranians.

    Stable door+the locking of the fore said door+horse vacanting the fore said stable before fore said action could be taken= Balls up!

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    post it back!

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    well .. it's deffo easy to do as I have done it
    but I did it via a mate who lives in LA

    As I understand it the sale of certain optics are restricted
    military night sights are certainly on the list, and some of the legislation seems to state further restricted optics however that said I have been able to source virtually anything I wanted including a night sight for a mate
    who knows the yanks are a weird and paranoid but lovely people

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    Buckup may have a point there. Posting it would work although the inevitable charges may apply on entry. However bringing it back in hand baggage may also attract Vat. Hmmm I'll have to think about it

    thanks guys


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    Every scope I have, which is 6 I have bought from the States, and apart from the last one which is a Leoupold VXL which came through the post after a friend purchased it for me in the States, I have bought back through customs packed in my main luggage.

    I have bought rangefinders, GPS, clothes, boots, loading equipment, and bullet heads back. Up to now never had a problem, but I have not been over for 2 years. So things might be a bit different.

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    Aha.... although obviously I cannot tell you to do this,

    but I am reliably informed when you are sent a warranty item from a US address and on the parcel it states warranty repair or replacement "no charge"

    apparently will come straight through without evening being assessed

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    You will probably be OK provided you stay away from the out & out "sniper" types by, for example Nightforce, Trijicon, ATN and others.

    You might also have a problem with night vision scopes.

    Having said that, the guy at the store is most unlikely to be concerned at what you are buying!

    In the last 15 years, I have brought most of my reloading stuff and at least 5 scopes back from the US. That includes dies, brass, 2 presses, trimming tools, scope rings, bullets, cleaning kit etc.

    The only problems I have encountered is when I bought by mail order and UPS ripped me off for a "handling fee" which I had to pay at their depot - a 72 mile round trip!

    Have a great trip!

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    can't help you with any info about the scope or customs
    but hav a good trip

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